Does that chocolate bar also tell you, EAT ME!

Did you know your gut bacteria actually communicate with your brain? In fact they are the ones that are telling you to eat that chocolate bar.

The composition of your intestinal flora, also called your microbiome, is just as unique as your fingerprint.

You can influence the composition of your microbiome by what you eat. If you eat a lot of fruit and vegetables, micro-organisms will develop that live on fruit and vegetables.

However, if you eat a lot of junk food, more microorganisms will develop which thrive on junk food.

Microorganisms communicate with your body. They tell your brain what they need. For example, a microbiome consisting mainly of juck food bacteria will tell you that they want to eat chips and pizza.

I knew it wasn’t me 🤣.

Ultimately, of course I am the one who decides what I put in my mouth. But it is good to know that if you eat more healthy food such as fruit and vegetables, you will also have more craving for it.

Watch the video to see how this works.

Now you might wonder what is best for you. What should you eat to increase your energy level and improve sports performance? You can find out by analyzing your microbiota. What used to be trying and guessing is now scientifically substantiated with a microbiota analysis. Get your microbiome analyses translated to a easy to read nutritional and lifestyle advise. See the details below for our offering. 

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